The Saboteur (PS3, Xbox 360)

saboteuerDeveloper/Publisher: Pandemic/Electronic Arts

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 (2009) Score: ~74%

Gamestop: $4.99                             Ebay

Genre: Action, Adventure, Third person

The Saboteur turned out to be the last game Pandemic Studios would develop before they shut down. Using the things they learned after putting out great games like Star Wars Battlefront, Destroy All Humans, and Mercenaries, they came up with this WWII era thrill ride. This open world adventure takes place in Nazi occupied France, and you play as Sean Devlin, an Irish race car driver trying to escape his past. He moves to Paris and things quickly escalate into you becoming the liberator of the Parisians by blowing Nazi strongholds to smithereens. The real star though is the art direction. The set of Paris is all grey scale with pops of red, for blood, and yellow, for objectives and streetlights. It gives off an eerie and oppressive tone, but as you complete missions and clear out the enemy, the sun will shine and bring but vibrant color to the city  of lights. There isn’t a difference between the two versions, but PS3 is currently a little cheaper.




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