Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

gran-turismo-4Developer/Publisher: Polyphony/SCIE

Platforms: PS2 (2005) Score: 89.3%

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Genre: Racing, Simulation

Gran Turismo has been a staple of all the Playstation consoles, and to me, the 4th installment is still the best. GT4 can be played in 480p and is also one of only four games in the entire PS2 lilbrary that includes a 1080i mode. And it still looks great! Featuring over 700 cars from 80 plus manufacturers, Gran Turismo doesn’t just cater to the super car world, but also includes tons of “normal” cars. How awesome is it to look out the window at your 2002 Mazda Protege in the driveway, and then virtually spec it to the max before hitting the Nurburgring. This time around, you’ve got more than 50 tracks to throw yourself around. And if your hands are getting tired and need a break to make a sandwich, there’s B-Spec mode. This lets you hire a driver for an race, and you get credit for their win; but you do have to split the purse.


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