Stranglehold (PS3, Xbox 360)

strangleholdDeveloper/Publisher: Midway/Midway

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 (2007) Score~79%

Gamestop: $4.99                Ebay

Genre: Action, Shooter, Third Person

The most notable thing about Stranglehold is is the direct influence Hong Kong action director John Woo had over the game. Dual pistols, Slow motion dives, sweeping cameras, and plenty of his signature doves  Reprising his role from Hard Boiled, Chow Yun Fat stars as Inspector Tequila. Throughout the game, you will blast tons and tons of henchmen and in a brilliant move, you never need to reload. Add this to your inhuman ability to absorb hundreds of bullets without slowing down, and this leads to a none stop rush of action through and through.  The story isn’t as well developed as the previous film, and the camera may stuggle from time to time, but if you are looking for the definition of “run and gun”, this is it.


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