Final Fantasy X (PS2)

final-fantasy-xDeveloper/Publisher: Square/Square 

Platforms: PS2 (2001) Score91.7%

Amazon                        Ebay

Genre: RPG, Turn Based

Final Fantasy X does get a lot of flack, some of it deserving with its cringe inducing laughing scenes, but it is a great game none the less. As always, the graphics and music are on point, and while it’s not the best FF story out there, it is solid and has a few heart warming moments. But, one of the nicer aspects about the game I find is this can be a very good JRPG entry point. While this game can be deep with its sphere system to unlock abilities, powering up weapons, and playing Blitzball (I personally hate it), it can also be played through casually without a bunch a worrying if you screwed up your character progression. There were a few moments where difficulty spiked, but it never required much grinding.



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