About $5 Collector

I’ve been a video game collector for many years, and have amassed quite a collection without breaking the bank. I’ve made some great finds at thrift shops, and some good snipes on Ebay, but sometimes those are far and few between. I made this site to highlight some good games that can be found for great prices at your local Gamestop or shopping on Ebay or Amazon.

All the games on this site are going to have a 70%+ rating on gamerankings.com (review aggregate site), be available at numerous Gamestop locations in my area (Southern California), and be $5 or less. I know not everyone will be able to find all these games available at their local Gamestops, but frankly, some of these are such steals it worth it just to check. Sometimes games may just be on sale or experiencing a dip in price and their prices may go up in the future, so not all older posts may accurately reflect the current market price. That’s why it’s a good idea to check back often, or consider subscribing, to hop on deals as soon as they come up.

With The PS4, Xbox One, and Switch released, now is a great time to expand your collection of last generation games, but I will also be posting some quality titles for previous consoles, as well as some of my own $5 purchases.

Please feel free to post comments about if you loved or hated the games I’ve posted, and let me know about any games you’d like to see included on the site. My goal is to post a game every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, leaving the weekend open for you to go out and grab some great titles. Thank you for coming.


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